49 black stilt/kakī from ICWT were released in the Tekapo area, adjacent to Mt Gerald. Additional releases at Mt Gerald and in the Tasman Valley are scheduled for September 2021.

One of the ICWT wildlife keepers, Olly Gooday, was asked to aid with the transport and site release of the black stilt / kakī and Olly responded; “These releases tend to be quite anticlimactic for staff back here at ICWT, as a bird release for us typically involves putting them in a car or plane and bidding farewell to the juveniles we have raised. So to witness these birds being released into the natural environment, chirping with excitement and flying without limitations was absolutely breath taking. These releases are the culmination of so much hard work, to actually witness the fruits of our labour as a wildlife keeper, fills me with so much pride and hope for the future”.

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