The endangered Brown Teal (pāteke), once widespread across New Zealand, is one of 3

Teal in New Zealand. Working closely with DOC and Pāteke Species Co-ordinator Kevin Evans, numbers are recovering well and ICWT contributes significantly to this success. Presently our 7 pairs of pāteke are all breeding here on site with some pairs now onto their second or third clutch already. We hope each pair will average a total of 15 ducklings by the end of the season. Collectively our pairs will breed an estimated 100 ducklings for release into the wild. ICWT also provide facilities for flock mating for other pāteke breeding institutions plus pre-release conditioning and processing.

Every captive raised bird comes to ICWT as our aviaries have stream fed waterways for foraging, plus special feeders where the Brown Teal learn to obtain food. These feeders are also located at eventual release sites to assist the Brown Teal when released into their natural environment. Mainly nocturnal and only half the size of a mallard, this shy omnivorous duck also spends time on land foraging for invertebrates, seeds, fruit, grass and foliage.

There can be up to 160—180 pāteke that we are caring for throughout the season, as other breeding institution’s juveniles join our own young here on site, for their prerelease conditioning and processing. This includes banding, worming, disease screening and transmitter attachment in preparation for their release.

Generally three releases occur annually (Dec, Feb and May) and it’s so rewarding to know we are contributing towards increasing the population of this little dabbling duck!

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