Past, Present, Future

The past - In 1954 Sir Neil and Lady Isaac acquired a homestead and 5ha of land at Harewood. After establishing the site as the location for the family home, the land would also soon house the main Isaac Construction Company office.

In 1957 quarrying began. As Isaac Construction roading projects required shingle from the site, voids were created that soon filled with water from shallow groundwater and springs. Looking to the spaces left in the landscape, Sir Neil and Lady Isaac would be inspired to provide something back to the land.

The rehabilitated area was named Peacock Springs, and within it the beginnings of a sustainable and expansive habitat for flora and fauna was established.

In 1977 The Isaac Wildlife Trust was formed to ensure the continuity of their work. The purview of the Trust was expanded to include not just the creation of The Isaac Conservation Park but also to assist with the increasing need for protection of endangered bird, reptile fish and plant species.

The Present - Since 2009 from when The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust was established, this Trust Deed clearly identifies the present and future direction of the conservation and wildlife activities of the Isaac Conservation Estate. The Isaac Conservation Estate assets are now vested and administered through The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.

The commitment to conservation based activities is exemplified by the The Department of Conservation presenting the Canterbury Conservation Week 2019 Award to The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust, in acknowledgement of the enduring partnership and recognition of the pivotal role in protection and recovery of our most threatened species, with the effort contributing to the wellbeing and prosperity of the community and of New Zealand now, and into the future.

The Future - Since its simple beginning in 1957 the conservation land has expanded to cover some 1100ha, including an expanded quarry operation, salmon farm and general grazing and farmland.

The long-term goals of The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust are:

• The completion of The Isaac Conservation Park for posterity.

• The reclamation of quarry land for the creation of wildlife habitat.

• The breeding of endangered endemic bird, reptile and plant species.

• To promote public support and interest for preservation and conservation programmes.

To accomplish these objectives The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust controls commercial enterprises, farming, quarrying and construction to provide funds for the varied projects based around the development of the Conservation Park.

The Trust’s provision of dedicated objectives allows for a clear path for the continued growth and success of Sir Neil and Lady Isaac’s dream.