Heritage Village

The heritage of the village buildings date from between c1860 and c1940.

The setting of the buildings is intended to reflect specific architectural styles within that time period, in essence developing an outdoor 'museum' of built heritage. The progression of architectural style combined with the authentic indoor settings demonstrate how early New Zealand settlers domiciled.

These buildings have been brought to the site and fully restored, rescuing them from the demolition and ruin that would otherwise have occurred.

The Village currently contains a barn, cottages, a jail, school dental clinic and a church. The church - St Ita's Church (was first opened in 1911 at Hinds, South Canterbury), was gifted to Lady Isaac and moved to the site in April 2006. An established oak tree was also transplanted with the church.

The Village is not able to be opened to the public in the short to medium term due to being part of the larger working quarry.