Covering approximately 1100 hectares of land, the complex Isaac site includes nearly 85 hectares of rehabilitated quarry plus adjacent lands, that have been repurposed specifically for conservation-based activity.

There are numerous major focuses for the Trust at both a long-term and every day level.

Fauna conservation - The specialised captive breeding programmes for endangered New Zealand native birds is undertaken in close collaboration with the Department of Conservation New Zealand under auspices of the Memorandum of Understanding agreement between the two organisations.

Flora conservation – Native re-vegetation and eco-restoration is another vital part of the overall plan. Efforts focus on a vast range of native vegetation across parts of the 1100 ha site. Native planting projects include a focus on riparian planting of waterways that comprise a significant portion of the Ōtūkaikino waterway.

Historic building conservation – A process embodied by the creation and development of the Heritage Village. These buildings are rescued from demolition and brought to the site to be fully restored.

The promotion of education and research is vital in the ongoing quest for the conservation of wildlife and the environment. It is a key objective of The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.