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Winter 21 - A convoy of young kakī departed for release into the wild

28 Sep 2021

This trip signified the end of a successful breeding season for The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife (ICWT) and the Department of Conservation (DOC).

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Summer 20/21 - A new daily release record is set

06 Apr 2021

A massive 93 captive raised birds were released into their natural environment on 4th March 2021.

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Autumn 2021 - Success in one of the whio release sites

01 Mar 2021

After 18 years of management and a comprehensive survey by the Dept of Conservations’ Biodiversity Team – we ‘officially’ have 79 pairs of blue duck/whio in the Wangapeka/Fyfe Rivers region.

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Autumn 2020 - Anne Richardson awarded the order of merit

30 Sep 2020

Anne Richardson ICWT Wildlife Manager, has been awarded an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for Services to Wildlife Conservation, in the Queens Birthday Honours List for 2020.

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Spring 2020 - NZ Shore Plover fly in

21 Aug 2020

NZ Shore Plover/Tūturuatu fly in from the Chatham Islands to boost the genetic diversity of this endangered bird.

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Winter 2020 - Wild Black Stilt/Kakī boosted by over 100 birds

01 Jun 2020

This winter the Department of Conservation (DOC) released 104 juvenile kakī/black stilts - the world’s rarest wading bird - into the natural environment within the Mackenzie Basin. Of these birds 24 were raised here at our facilities.

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